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The benefits of taxi advertising


With a fleet of 200 cars in constant motion, the visibility of an advertisement is maximum. Drivers are trained according to the purpose of the advertising campaign to effectively promote promotional materials so that taxi advertising can prove your efficiency


Taxis never stop and “hold” the city centre. They cover a huge area of land, much more than any purely static campaign, providing excellent coverage and frequency. And don’t forget, taxis are in traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days per week


Taxis dominate key locations in the city. These are located at railway stations, airports and, of course, on the streets, offering a brand presence when it may be the most appropriate when people are already prepared to spend. As a result, taxi advertising is certainly effective


Taxi ads can be extremely diverse. Flyers, leaflets, catalogs, business cards are various ways to promote a product or service. Depending on the number of cars involved and the duration of the campaign, the budget can be set, which can be surprisingly affordable.

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Support for promotional materials

Design & print for promotional materials. All customers of Taxi Viva Cornişa benefit from a 25% discount on design and 10% on printed materials